Hedge For Mac




Multiple backups of yourfootage, fast and easy.

“The killer argument for Hedge is its blazing speed, that’s for sure.”Olaf von Voss, Cinema5D

Hedge for MAC [Premium] Features

Superfast transfers
As quality soars and files get bigger, old copy-verify methods just aren’t cutting it. Hedge’s Fast Lane is quickest off the block for USB and Thunderbolt transfers.

Unlike with Finder, every Hedge transfer undergoes strict verification through xxHash checksums. Say adiós to missing or corrupt files.

Simultaneous backups
Create copies for yourself, post-production, the director — at the same time. Hedge imports multiple sources to multiple destinations, fully utilizing all your bandwidth.

Transfer Logs
Keep complete track of what goes where, when and how with Transfer Logs. Use MHL to make sure post production always has the complete picture.

Flexible storage
Hedge is just as comfortable with NAS, SAN and RAID as it is with USB or Thunderbolt disks. Working online? Upload to your cloud service, server or remote disk, with verification.

Extendable workflows
Want to go further? Let Hedge autolaunch your AppleScripts and process footage to your heart’s content. Sort, transcode, rename, tag: whatever you’d like to do

Hedge Connect
Quit wasting time waiting for backups to finish: Hedge Connect notifies you instantly when a transfer is done. Use it on your own, with your assistent or connect the whole crew: there’s no limit.


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