Introducing the World’s First 360° Photo Booth – See yourself in VR!

Co Founder at MetaVRse

Three short months ago, we were playing with one of our Samsung Gear 360° cameras at the International Live Event Association event in Austin and I thought “what if we could remove the background and replace it with a 360° image?” We also realized that the biggest challenge to bringing virtual reality to the masses is getting people to love it and what better way then to show people themselves in VR!!

From there, we partnered with Samsung Electronics America to create the first two ‘360 Cube’ units and then worked with Corus Entertainment to create a huge 18′ diameter time machine to launch the new TV show ‘Timeless’. This will be repeated in UK later this year. This is truly the most incredible and technologically advanced marketing activation available.


MetaVRse is one of the first VR/AR Agencies in the world and as such, we hope that we get to continue innovating and creating novel concepts that help enterprise use this new communication medium to connect people with brands in a more authentic, immersive way.

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Alan Smithson, Co-Founder & CEO – MetaVRse


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